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Analog Photography: 5 reasons why you should try it


This article is a guest contribution by Kasia Górska

My analog journey began while searching for the perfect methods of post-processing my photographs. I was never satisfied with the outcome. I would browse photo galleries endlessly, now and then finding a photograph, which was particularly pleasing to my eyes. They often turned out to be shot with analog and not even slightly edited afterwards. That moment changed the way I thought about photography. I started to look for different ways to get what I wanted. First lomo camera was a tough cookie, heavy, with most photos underexposed, I thought it was a complete disaster. Today I can say that I have been shooting analog for 4 years and it’s an incredible path to step onto. So what are the perks that I see after this time?

1. No need to post-process

Analog photographs are unique just the way they are. And there is still a variety of films to choose from, each with an unusual coloring tendency. Since I started Lomography, I barely use any software to add any effects to my photos. They are clean, true and beautifully colored. Someone will always ask what filter you used, anyway. What a satisfaction is to answer that you used none.

 2. The light is always shown beautifully

The downs of analog – overexposing or underexposing the composition are also one of its biggest ups for me. I love the way film captures light. You might find out that going either way, using different film iso makes you create wonderful shots.

3. Developing film rolls? Prepare for the unforgettable!

Picking up your developed negatives is such a great feeling. Developing them yourself is the best one in the whole world. A lot of people who get into analog photos start to develop their own photos pretty fast. There must be something great about setting up your own darkroom, or generally seeing how your memories appear out of nowhere on paper. Keep in mind that you cannot view the photo until it’s developed. You don’t even know if you took it. It’s a big surprise sometimes to see the results of your work. It gets exciting!

4. Film teaches you how to be precise and that every single frame counts

You cannot be reckless while shooting analog. Regular film rolls are made of 24 or 36 frames, this is the number of shots or “memories” that you can capture. Because of the prices of both the rolls and developing them, after some time you know exactly when to shoot and when to just stay focused and patient.

5. The world of film photography is big and welcoming

You have so many options to go with and even though some film brands are stopping to produce their lines, others are coming back. Let’s be honest, analog is very trendy nowadays. Despite the old age, it’s still alive and I believe that the next years will bring new additions to its universe. For example the revival of the Petzval lens that happened recently. If you are lucky, you can find a great camera at your local flee market for a very small price. Don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t happen the first time you try to find a camera for yourself. Ask your grandparents or your friends’ family, they may have something for you stored in their basement or attic. It is a wonderful thing to give life to an old camera that had already seen so much.