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The Best Softboxes for Speedlight Flash Units


When you’re photographing with flash, having a softbox is essential to make your lighting more diffuse. Using a softbox can be a challenge if you use a speedlight or another hot shoe attached flash unit. However, these 3 softboxes are specifically designed to be used with speedlights. We’ll give you an overview of the best softboxes for speedlight.

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about getting a soft box for your flash unit. That’s the thing that makes the difference. It is the best friend of every professional photographer. Soft boxes work by taking the light and spreading it on the layer of the diffusion material. When the lights passes through the translucent fabric it scatters by producing a very even and soft light, which gives us the perfect photo we aim at. Soft box mainly has two uses. It can be used as the Key Light to provide the principle light source or as Fill Light, as a secondary light in order to reduce the contrast.

Best softbox for speedlight flash

Every professional photographer uses soft box for nothing provides soft light like a soft box for any style of shooting. Fashion, food, products, portraits, you name it. So we’re going to give you some tips about what to look for while buying a soft box and what are the important features.

There are various factors that count when we want to buy a new soft box, regardless if it’s the first soft box ever or you have had others before. You should look for its durability, compactness, versatility and the quality of the light it provides. You should look for all these features integrated in a single soft box only. You don’t want to buy soft boxes every month, so here I bring to you the best three options available with details of each one to help you figure out which soft box suits your needs. To know our 3 Best Softbox for Speedlight Flash keep reading.

Best Softbox for Speedlight Flash Units

SMDV DIFF60 Speedbox Diffuser-60

  • Patented quick-release folding system for fast and convenient setup.
  • Patented folding system allows set up in seconds!
  • High quality DOUBLE DIFFUSION PANELS for high quality soft light!
  • Perfect for professional photographers on the go!
  • 23″ (60cm) diameter

This diffuser by manufature SMDV is one of the Best Softbox for Speedlight Flash in the world. It is available in various sizes. But the same quality and the same features more or less. It is very practical and provides easy usage for both professionals and beginners. Its patented unique folding system allows the box to be setup and taken down very quickly like folding an umbrella. The soft box shell is made from rip stop style nylon to minimize wear and tear. This makes it super durable; you can count on it for long years. You won’t regret investing in it. The inside of the soft box is coated with silver to maximize and produce the best reflection possible.

Westcott Rapid Box


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Packs small / compresses

We really must appreciate the times we are living in. The tough competition in the market helps us reap the benefits of low prices for some great products. The Westcott Rapid Box 26” Octa Softbox is one of those products – Great features at an affordable price!

Let me introduce you to the cool features of Westcott Rapid Box 26” Octa Softbox. One of the best things I like about this soft box is its light weight. It is so easy to handle. It is also one of the toughest in the game well known for its durability. In addition to this its application is unlimited, so it stands out as a versatile soft box that can be used for various types of shooting, like family photos, weddings, portraits, fill flash and much more. The price of SMDV DIFF60 Speedbox Diffuser-60 and Westcott Rapid Box 26″ Octa Softbox is almost same, so they are tough competition to each other. It depends on your taste to choose one from the Best Softbox for Speedlight Flash.

Fotodiox Ez-Pro Flash Softbox K50


  • Premium Grade Reflective and Neutral Diffusive Material
  • Collapses like an umbrella for easy storage
  • Rotating flash speedring with thumb screw lock
  • Extra cold shoe mount for accessories such as remote transmitters
  • 24 Month Fotodiox Warranty

The Fotodiox Ez-Pro is a winner when it comes to price. It has all important features except fancy features like inner silver coating. It still makes a tough competition to the above two thanks to its compactness and more affordable price.

Its features include collapsing like an umbrella for easy storage. It rotates flash speed ring with thumb screw lock and if that’s not enough – it also offers a twenty-four months Warranty.

It is difficult to choose one from the above and say which one of these is the Best Softbox for Speedlight Flash but investing in any one of them or all of them is your choice. So go ahead get your soft box and create memories. And yes I know I didn’t mention cons for any of the soft boxes, but I really couldn’t find any significant one in them.

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